Icom 7610 vs 7300

Picking a ham radio or amateur radio can take a lot of time. You need to sift through all the features to find the right one for you.

If you have your heart set on a high-end option, then you are in the right place. We have pitted the Yaesu FTa against the Icom IC, two of the top and more affordable amateur radios that also provide all the basic functions.

Now we are going to take a deeper look and compare these two ham radios and see which one comes out on top. Both of the ham radios offer the user an easy to control interface with a touch screen display. You are looking at a much larger screen of 4. The display is important when it comes to the operation of a ham radio. The touchscreen also makes it easier to use. Depending on how and where you intend to use your new amateur radio, the size could be a deciding factor. If however, you are going to carry it with you or often change the location of it within your house, we would suggest the smaller model.

Either way, both of the ham radios are made to be small and compact without too big of an ergonomic difference between the two models. Both the products have a real-time spectrum scope [1]. What this feature allows you to do as a user is view the location signals on the band.

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This will also let you move to the right signal quickly. You can also clearly see the band on the multicolor displays on both models. The Yaesu FTA organizes the signals in chronological color order in terms of weakness and strength.

That is a handy feature to have to identify weaker signals with a single glance. The IC also has an impressive feature for the real-time spectrum scope that magnifies the signal to help you tune the frequency precisely.

icom 7610 vs 7300

To help reduce noise and signal interference, the two ham radios actually utilize two different features. This feature weakens interfering signals and delivers high quality audio.

This will reduce noise and mask weaker signals while also reducing or completely eliminating signal distortion. Small devices with a high power output can easily overheat.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media Search media.

Classifieds New listings. Log in. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter wrath Start date Feb 1, Status Not open for further replies. Joined Dec 18, Messages Am I gaining much going the got theit seems to me the smart buy may be the any one want to weigh in on this? Sent from my SM-T using Tapatalk. The has a touch screen and incorporates the fancy new direct sampling receiver.

It has favorable reviews just about everywhere you look and after reviews on eHam. The IC scores 4. What I don't like about the is that despite the technology, it comes in a very small simple package.

When I first saw one, I thought it was a mobile like the IC If you look on the back, there's only one antenna connection.Icom — Small and sleek bag of tricks. This was also all backed up by the sales statistics; it was easily the top selling rig in and will probably continue to be in I waited with baited breath for every bit of information regarding the imminent release of the Icom We had some tantalising videos released of it in operation but the real thing I wanted to know was the price.

Larger LCD display — a full 7 inch display versus the 4 inch display of the Two antenna connectors -The includes two sockets which will be useful when using the twin receivers and for a dedicate RX only antenna. A friend Phil M0NVS is an avid VHF contester and used the with a transverter and amp but found the signal output to be poor quality and received complaints. Maybe the will be better?

As you would expect the Icom does almost everything that the does and more. Strangely Icom chose not to include the 4m band on thebut it is present on the Icom — Ergonomics are really good. Will I regret the decision?

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But what if the turns out to be the best thing ever? Are you considering buying the or ? The Icom will have to go a long way to justify itself at that price to me. Just found your site as I came across the Log4OM review.

It truly is amazing software and the support is stellar.

Icom IC-7610 vs. IC-7300 vs. Elecraft K3

Not with Log4OM where there has been nothing that they will not try to fix. With such an amazing rig, I doubt that there is anything that yer average amateur will miss. The only thing I missed, but got used to, was the much higher definition display I got from the Flex that I sold to get the Icom.

With the Icom, I just save the resolution in the memory and that does the trick.

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I appreciate the Dstar digital mode right now as a newer ham. DMR and Fusion are interesting, true, but Dstar has my affections right now. A comment on the IC and transverters. They work really well together on this side of the POND. The Ten-Tec is driven direct. We talk Tuesday through Saturday on Give the a try with transverters, it works great! So pushing the whole thing to its limits! Hi everyone. I found that the transmitted local oscillator noise is much worse at 5w which is what I used to drive my ME2HT pro 2m transverter.

This radio is clean enough at w by around a further 15db! Reduce power and then expect complaints. Otherwise I love the but just not for transverting from. Goodluck and 73s Phil M0nvs.Hello Tom, an interesting post again. I see radios on the secondhand market that have lower specs compared to the IC but costs at least 2 times what a IC costs new.

IC-7610 VS IC-7300 Overload

Anyway, if I had the money to buy a IC I would do it instantly. It has so many more possebilities and features.

icom 7610 vs 7300

I hope you have a lot of fun with the rig. I think the only problem is were to install this big radio. I hope to see some updated shack photos on your blog.

Thanks for your response Bas. The shack is in BITS lol. Hopefully have it sorted out this weekend. Waiting for a monitor-cable. I looked at the software Icom offered for the rig and chose to go with Win4icomsuite instead.

I had this for me K3 and KX3 the support is great and with the Win4icom software, there are some things you can do that you can't do with the rig. For example, you have a slider for filter on the fly adjustment. This is great for me for CW in a contest otherwise you have to push a few buttons on the to gain access to the filter menu. Have a look at the Win4Icom software and see what you think.

Icom 7300 vs. Icom 7610 comparison

I do full hearty agree with your comparison between the and I wanted an independent receiver as I had that with my k3. I got used to it and love it and it was a must-have in my next rig and the fit that bill.

Enjoy the rig, Tom, I have had mine for over a year and still am very much thrilled with it. Many thanks for your response Mike - appreciated. I think this is a 'keeper'. I'll check out K0PIR as you suggest. Thank you.QRZ Forums. Icom vs. Tags: comparison icom icom icom review sdr. I found the nonstop plugs for the web site of K0PIR most annoying. AG6ZZFeb 6, K0PIRFeb 6, W4NNFFeb 6, Well I am not gonna complain about the price of theand I am certainly ecstatic about the price of my for what it delivers.

I look back in old QST from say, mid 60s. Adjust the prices of those boatanchors for inflation in dollars. Your value for dollar return is huge compared to those. Of course those old rigs were made in USA, in small factories, not in some division of an electronics conglomerate in Asia somewhere. W8AAZFeb 7, Should I Win the one in Orlando at Hamcation I would sell it still sealed in the box to somebody who does not feel the way I do about them.

Maybe my ICOM will last me a lifetime but only time will tell.

Icom 7300 vs. Icom 7610 Comparison

Clayton W4KVW. W4KVWFeb 8, K0PIR likes this. K0PIRFeb 8, W4KVW likes this. Reviews are interesting, though rarely conclusive for many.

If money were no object, we would all just purchase the best and be done.Of course dual watch dual receivers is important for DXpeditions, but of little significance most of the time. It goes without saying that the larger has advantages due to its size. Selectivity is excellent, Icom NR noise reduction is the best I have ever used, and ergonomics are particularly good on the larger On m I used significant attenuation to get band noise below AGC threshold.

icom 7610 vs 7300

This put band noise 8 to 10 dB below AGC threshold. Occasionally I had to turn up the AF gain on a weak m CW signal, but in return band noise fatigue was minimal.

I ran the NR on 3 out 10 most of the time, and that even further reduced band noise annoyance. On the other hand, NR on the Kenwood was useless. I used the at the third operating position with the Acomwhich had no rig setup at Ops3 at that time.

Sunday I had other commitments, and as it turned out 10m conditions were even worse on Sunday than Saturday. Most CW contacts were weak to really weak, even with a 5-element monoband Yagi at 65 feet.

It resulted in my second best score in this contest, being only a few percentage points behind my results in I can only indirectly compare using the S to the by comparing the S to theand then the to the NR noise reduction was a big win for the Icom.

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QSK between the S and is a wash, and both excellent. APF is also very good for both. Most It always sounds excellent on receive, and has a cleaner transmitter than most It was fun to use the TSS for three years in many contests. It is a fine radio, but newer technology has some advantages.

With wide spans you cannot see weak signals on the Kenwood that you can easily work. You also cannot see received signal detail on the Kenwood that is clearly obvious on the direct sampling radios, be it CW or SSB.

Kenwood never got the preamp gain right on 12 and 10 meters, and that should have been a user-adjustable setting. The has an interesting feature if you hold the attenuator virtual button down for a few seconds. Suddenly you can set the attenuation in 3 dB steps from 0 to 45 dB using the multi-function knob. I prefer the step attenuator to using the un-calibrated RF gain control. One problem that no Japanese OEM has gotten right is handling impulse noise.

The analog is perfect, as is the Pro III.The Kenwood was at operating position 2 with an Alpha 89 linear, and was operational the weekend before the contest. Operating position 1 was an Icom IC, driving an Alpha 99 linear. Since the Icom had been used in four previous contests, both SSB and CW, it was decided to use the new Kenwood on 15 and 20 meters, assigning the Icom to 40 meters and a minimal effort on 80 meters.

No contacts were attempted on m. Only after 20 meters was dead did I move to 40 meters. Both the Kenwood and Icom rigs have excellent laboratory numbers, and performed as expected. Selectivity was never an issue with either rig, as the DSP bandwidths are easily adjusted to the conditions. On SSB the splatter component of an adjacent-channel station, odd-order intermodulationis the limitation of reception of weak signals next to strong adjacent signals.

Operational Comparisons:. Both the Kenwood and the Icom performed to expectations as to basic operation. The biggest difference, other than the current price, is the has dual receivers while the S has only one receiver.

DXpeditions that always run split are a different matter. I simply used the XIT feature, called the stations, and worked them on the first call. With the Icom on 40 meters I only worked one station transmitting below the US phone band and listening above kHz. I worked him on the first call. That made transitioning from the S to the S very easy. Due to the high signal density, both rigs were run with a 2.

The bandscopes on both rigs cannot display very weak signals that can be copied by ear. This helps on the quieter upper-frequency HF bands. Noise reduction on the Kenwood was ineffective, and on the Icom was run on 1 or 2 out of I used this to tune the linear, requiring only one button push to get back to SSB mode.

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My most exciting contact with the Kenwood was Mongolia on 20 meters, and unfortunately I missed working Thailand the last 15 seconds of the contest.

I consider a CW contest more likely to differentiate the performance differences between rigs. This seriously impacted the QSO rate.

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The same IC filled in the rest of the operating time.

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